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As They Say, "This is how the story goes!"

Andrea and Kirk Horton were both born in Massachusetts in the fifties. Although they tried to connect when they were young, it took many years of advanced technology to bring them together. They met on the internet in the nineties and became best friends. August of 2000 they married and lived in Taunton Massachusetts with Kirk's son Casey in a 100+ year old home.

Casey grew up and went in to the Marines. Breast cancer changed their lives as Andrea could no longer practice as an RN and Kirk was getting tired of shoveling snow. A vacation to Arizona brought them to Fountain Hills and sunshine. Within months they moved across the country realizing life is short and sometimes big changes are needed. 

Kirk was working on cars before he was old enough to drive. He began his professional career at Dighton/Rehoboth Vocational High School, graduated in 1976 from their automotive trade school and continued on to Sylvania Technical Institute for a degree in electronics. He has extensive knowledge with carburetion and point ignition and his experience ranges from shop foreman at a Chrysler dealership to lead technician at several independent repair shops. He is now an ASE Certified Master Technician with continued education and 40 years of experience.

Auto Mobile Detective was established in 2005. Kirk and his son Casey, now out of the Marines and a graduate of Arizona Technical Institute, started a mobile service in Fountain Hills. Very quickly there was a need for a garage. Kirk says, “Our customers have been our advertising, word of mouth has kept us in business, we have a good honest reputation”. They have grown from one unit in the Industrial Park on Technology Drive to leasing a newly renovated building on Saguaro Blvd. 

Our Mission

 Expert Auto Repair - Fountain Hills, AZAuto Mobile Detective opened in 2005 as a mobile automotive diagnostic and repair service. Within months of opening I needed a shop: I rented a unit in Fountain Hills Industrial Park and grew rapidly over the next few years. In 2009 a prime location became available and I took a leap of faith and relocated to 11819 Saguaro Boulevard. God has continued to bless and grow the business.

Auto Mobile Detective is owned and operated based on good old fashioned integrity. Throughout my years of employment with many different facilities I notice a common thread: dishonesty was excepted if money was being made. That never felt right to me and I often found it difficult to work and keep a good attitude knowing that I was working for people who sometimes were okay with lying, stealing and cheating people in order to make a living. As a result of my experience I made a choice to open a shop where people could come and know that there was just something different about us, we weren’t your typical shop.

Auto Mobile Detective’s slogan “Our integrity is who we are” are not just word that I use to make people trust me, it is who I am! I understand that we are only as good as our word and I still believe that a business can be honest and profitable. I did not get into the automotive business to get rich but rather to give people from all walks of life a place that they can trust with their car and their life. My goal has been to take care of the customer in an honest and fair way making customer satisfaction Auto Mobile Detectives #1 goal. I learned a long time ago that if you take care of the customer the customer will take care of you. 

Our Company

Auto Mobile Detective is a full service owner-operated automotive repair shop in Fountain Hills. We are able to make any repair on your car and we also recommend preventative maintenance. Our team's combined experience in auto repair is greater than 90 years. We will never advise you to replace or repair anything you do not need. Our strength is in our ability to diagnose a vehicle, to listen to a customers concern, and by not just throwing parts at a problem. Our team is always willing to educate and provide a show and tell about their recommended repairs and maintenance. ASE tests and certifies the competence of individual auto technicians in all main areas of car maintenance and repair. Auto Mobile Detective hires technicians that are ASE certified. Our team works well together, they all take pride in their work and the cleanliness of our shop. We use high tech up to date equipment. Our work is warrantied nationwide for 2yrs/2K miles

Expert Auto Repair Services

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Andrea Horton is a managing member of Auto Mobile Detective. Our shop dog Liete is always close by her and both enjoy riding around town shuttling people back and forth to home or work while their car is being serviced.

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