Do you have critters living in your car?

You’ve heard about Bats in the Belfry – Now there are Mice in your Motor!
Is your Check Engine light on? Are these cute little critters making life a bit more challenging?
Auto Mobile Detective has been noticing an increase in nests under the hood. Please remember to check under your hood for signs of pack rats.
Pack rats love:
* Chewing and gnawing on wires
* Ripping out insulation
* Dog/Cat/Bird food
* Dark places
* Cardboard boxes
* Shrubs, bushes and fruit trees
If you have pack rats/mice – here are some helpful ideas:
* Remove hiding places next to your vehicle – breakdown those Amazon boxes that have been piling up in your garage and cut down the shrubs and vines next to your home.
* Remove food sources – put the dog, cat and birdseed in sealed bins
* Expose your engine to the light – rats and mice love dark places, so park it with the hood up.
* Use traps to catch and release
* Use strong-smelling substances – a box of Irish Spring soap, peppermint oil, red pepper and laundry dryer sheets have been found to be a deterrent to these rodents.
* Block off small entrances to the engine – place traps on the top of wheels or block engine openings with wire screen or steel wool pads.
Auto Mobile Detective – We treat you and your car like family!

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